Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Hi all. So I thought I'd start out a crafty-sort of blog to archive all the different art and craft and culinary adventures I partake in, because I've done so much lately! Last year I learned how to knit, and oh my, have I come a long way! So to get myself started, I thought I'd post a pattern I wrote for the holidays to share. :)

The Hollyday Hat

You will need:
Size 10 dpns
Size 10 circular needles or dpns (6.0 mm)
Size 8 circular needles or dpns (5.0 mm)
1 skein LionBrand Jiffy Yarn (off-white is what I used)
1 skein Caron Simply Soft (Burgundy is what I used)
cable needle
stitch marker

Using Size 10 (dpns recommended at the beginning) c/o 76 stitches
join round and place stitch-marker, so you know where each round begins.

work three rows k4p4 ribbing
(at this point, you can switch to circulars, if you prefer)
c2f on the knit stitches
for newbie knitters this means: hold 2 knit stitches on the cable needle to the front, knit the next 2 stitches, then knit from the cable needle.
This will create the nice twist in the ribbing.
Work this cable every fourth row.
Work this way for 8 rows, depending on your desired length for the brim. then switch back to k4p4 for the last three rows, DO NOT cable your last row

switch to size 8 needles. knit 1 round.
switch to red yarn.
knit 18 rounds.

decreasing rounds:
k1, k2tog, knit to last three stitches, k2tog, k1
k1 round
repeat until 6-8 stitches remain.
sew round together and pull tightly.
Add tassel or pom pom according to desire.
my tassel is a basic tassel with a braided cord.
If you don't know how to make a tassel/pompom google it. It's nice and easy.

Holiday Cheers!


**I sell these hats for $15 at crafty events...people like them. So if you can't knit, or are feeling too lazy to make your own (but c'mon, they're so easy!) let me know. :D

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